Saturday, November 3, 2012


Life's been busy! Family visits, vacation in Florida, new kitty in the house, etc. I've been in a stitching hiatus but I always come back to this lovely hobby.

Since my last update on here I've done a little bit of work. I have also put Starry Starry Night on hold, as I'm not too happy with how it's turning out as far as coverage and bulkiness go. I might have to restart it at some point, so away it goes until I decide to continue with it or scrap it and start over.

The Freebie SAL from HAED ends on December 1st, so this week I've been trying to finish my QS Lovers. I have page 3 done and hope to have the last page stitched up by Friday.

Krystal has almost a second page done. Maybe I can get up to page 3 done by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

The cupcakes are all finished. I just need to add a few beads and am still debating on framing it or turning it into a cushion.

Finally, my Dimension's Taste of the Mediterranean is up on the wall!


  1. You made such wonderful progress =) It's great to hear from you again =)
    I'm crossing my fingers for you to reach your goals for this year =)

  2. Great progress, especially with all you've been doing. Love seeing your finish on the wall, and the cupcakes are so cute. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. Hi, you kindly left a message on my forum post. Decided to have a little look around...Wow, I love Taste of the Mediterranean! Great stitching!!


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